I love cats

a cute sleeping cat. I just love it... on Twitpic

Found this white, cute and lovely cat, sleeping while I was walking around my neighbourhood to play with my FishEye 2 (FE2) one evening. I just love cats. Anyway, I had shot my first roll of film (FujiFilm Sensia 400) using FE2. Among 36 photos, some are quite interesting and the above photo is my favourite among all the photos. Explore the photos on my
Facebook album.

Meanwhile, my blog is lacking updates. Now, I got this urge to upload some photos that I had taken and my favourites after browsing some of my friend's nice photo. I shall focus on updates on photography and technology that I am interested on my blog. For other updates, I shall use other social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook.


Down the memory lane: TPSU FOW 2006

It has been quite long since I blog. Been quite busy every day doing mostly programing at work and at home. My internship at Microsoft Innovation Centre had officially ended at the end of Feb. But I am now still working there and doing some interesting apps. Will share you some of the cool things that I done.

Back to the main topic of TPSU FOW. For those of you who don't the long form, it's Temasek Polytechnic Student Union's Freshmen Orientation Work which takes place one week before the start of the each academic year to welcome freshmen. While backing up the files from my PC, I rediscovered this video which me and my friend Gagan took about nearly 3 years ago during FOW 2006 when we were very new to TP. Especially for me, it was totally very new experience to take part in FOW as at that time, I just arrived Singapore about 2 weeks ago for my studies. An eye opening and unique experience for me as there was no this kind of activities back in my country. Being not used to the Singlish and local usage of English here at that time, I could not be able to understand some of the things that the group leaders said and especially the cheers. But, it was really a fun experience as the GLs and all people there were friendly.

Oh well, 3 years has passed. And now, I am a Graduand being completed all the modules and waiting for the graduation ceremony in May. During these three years, I learnt alot and TP and IIT School has provided many oppourtinities for me to excel and pursue my interests both academically to learn and improve my knowledge in IT and in CCA as in joing Visual Central to take photographs which is my hobby.

ok. after sharing some of my experience the following may be more interesting stuff. The video clips of FOW 2006. As it is long and to preserve some good quality of the clip, I have splitted it into four parts below. You will need Microsoft Silverlight if you haven't installed one to view the videos. Double click on the video to view Full-screen.

Part 1: Intro, Mass Dance Practice and Student Awards

Part 2: Mass Dance, Chicky Dance and TP Song

Part 3: Photo taking and certificates

Part 4: Reading of notes and Ending Part


Photo Zoom

It has been long time since I updated my blog. Since my internship began I was quite busy at work. For those of you who don't know, I am now doing my SIP (Student Internship Programme) at Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC). It's really a nice place to work. As a developer, I got the chance to learn and apply my knowledge of programming. It's also very interesting to learn about new technologies such as PhotoSynth, Windows Azure cloud computing platform, Windows Live Services, Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and so on. These technologies enables us, developers, to try out new, interesting, efficient way of developing applications to provide solutions to real-life problems.

In this post, I would like to share about is Deep Zoom. As I am a shutter-bug, I usually upload photos on online photosharing site such as Flickr, Picasa Web Album,etc. Most of the time, I resized the photos that I took and upload in considering of loading time (An average full resolution photos from my Canon 400D camera is about 4MB in size). In addition, view the pic in its full size would be not very user-friendly as once user click on small thumbnail of photo on my blog, it would open the photo in new tab/IE windows and start to download the whole photo. So, in times when the internet traffic is slow during peak hour, it would take some time to load and view the whole picture.

Thus, today, I tested out Seadragon which is from Microsoft Live Labs. It provides great zooming capabilities for the full resoution photos. As a "Hello World" experienment, I uploaded one photo taken at Botanic Gardens about one month ago and tested out the Seadragon Ajax which uses JavaScript to add Deep Zoom viewer to my blog as follows. At first look, it will look like a normal photo of 400x300 pixels size embedded as image on the blog. But no, mouse-over the photo to view the different buttons on the lower right corner of the photo. Click on +/- buttons to zoom in/out and click and drag on the photo to move around different parts of the photo in zoom mode. Want to see the whold photo? Just click on the Home button. Try zooming in until you could see the fine details of the leaves. It's fast and smooth to zoom in/out and view different part of the photo in details, considering the huge file size of that full resolution photo.

As I am still exploring Seadragon, I will update soon with more info about its features.



Hello everyone,

I am back from my OCP Cambodia Trip. Have a great enjoyable time of one week there. Visited to Phnom Penh, capital of Kingdom of Cambodia for 5 days and Siem Reap, famous place where Angkor Wat is located for 2 days.

As usual, I took many photos, may be total of around 6GB load of photos but some of them may be repeated and crapy shots. Need some time to filter and do some simple editing.

I will share my experience of the trip and of course, PHOTOS soon. Meanwhile, the followings are some highlights of our trip:
  1. Visit to different places such as Community Learning Center, Alexandra Project, Blum Project of RiverKids Foundation (which is a NPO to prevent child trafficking)
  2. Painting the blackboard and mural wall at Community Learning Center
  3. Playing games and kids concert with the kids there
  4. Visit to Angkor Thom, Angkor Wat at Cambodia
  5. Visit to Central Market, Old Market, Night Market and bargaining for cheaper prices

One group photo at Angkor Wat:

More photos and write-up of my experience coming soon!


To My Dearest Friends

A Sunday night.
After dinner, after work.
After the heavy rain, it is cool.

Memory brings back those golden moments with my friends from Myanmar.
Those times, we spend together, flashed back in my mind.
Go to school riding at the front seat of my friend's TownAce, blasting songs of all kinds from pop to dance songs.
Attend tuition classes, rushing to complete homework, and play soccer, 3-a-side, at narrow street before the teacher comes.
Enjoy summer holidays traveling to places afar, talking, joking, sight-seeing and tasting new kinds of food all along the way.
Sit at the roadside cafe, spending some evenings chit-chatting about other people's news, gossips and more.
Those memories are still in my mind. Time flies fast.

With the absent of online IM-ing, keep in touch through snail mails which slowly and steady travel to the destination and phone calls which burn a hole in my pocket.
Quite a long time since the last letter and phone call.
But I still remember them fondly miss them badly.

Wrote a letter...
To update about me
To ask about them and other friends
To wish them good at their studies
To tell them about my dreams about them.


Brazil Olympic Soccer Team in Singapore

Now going to post about photos of Brazil team arrival. Will continue my postings about my experiences in Paris on other days.

Brazil Olympic Team arrived Singapore on 23rd July for their preparations for Beijing Olympics.

Firstly, could not make a decision on whether or not to go to the airport and see them. Next day, brought my dslr to school in case if I got the urge to go to Changi Airport and shoot photos of them.

After finishing gym at school, I decided to go as it is a rare chance for me to get to see and shoot photo of famous players such as Ronaldinho, Anderson, etc.

I left school at around 5:30pm. I was thinking that I would be late as the official landing time was 5:57pm. It took around 45mins to reached to the Terminal 1.

Brazil team took Air France's AF256 from Paris, which is the same return flight that we took when we returned from Paris after Imagine Cup.

Walked to the end of Terminal 1 and saw a big crowd of fans and supporters waiting near the exit door.I think at around 6:30pm, all the team members gathered together and coming out.

The waiting fans shout loud cheers and I think it was the loudest when Ronaldinho, new AC Milan star came out. I also got to see him in person. He is tall in Brazil yellow shirt.

The followings are the photos that I took. Only can captured a few standard photos as all things happened in very short time and I also need to shoot over the people standing in front of me.


Signature for one lucky fan

Man Utd midfielder Anderson

Latest: Brazil defeated Singapore Selection team 3-0 in exhibition match played today at National Stadium.


Voyage de Paris: Partie Une

I am going to share my experience of travelling to Paris -city of light, for Imagine Cup competition from 4th to 10th July. Since there are many great things to recount, I will be posting into different parts on different days slowly as I need to upload photos and type to share my wonderful experience. Before going there, I was very excited for the presentations for Software Design Category, to meet with people from different parts of the world and to shoot photos!!! Before going, I was quite busy with practice for presentations as well as doing programming for our application. Also, quite worried about getting Visa, because I needed to go to France embassy many times for application and get it only in the morning of the day that we going to Paris.

Day 0 (2 Jul 2008, Wednesday)
Went to France embassy in the morning to collect visa and then went hair cut. Then went back to school to return the CDs that I borrowed from school library and in the evening at around 6:30 pm, left home together with my parents and grandparents to Chagi Airport. Took bus and MRT there. Reached airport terminal one at around 8 plus and there found Yang Lin. Then waited for Ryan and Alicia.

Terminal 1, our departure place

At around 9plus, went to counter 13 to check-in and many friends and family members each and every team member came. Our course manager, Mr. Lim and our school's manager of student development and enrichment also came. Took some group photos as follows:

Team Mamagaia with Mr. Oh

Families, friends and teachers

We brought some equiptments such as temperature sensors, fish tank and laptops for our group demonstration and presentation. So, my hand-carry was also quite a lot: my backpack containing some documents and snacks (to eat there if hungry as I afraid I would not used to the type of food there), my camera bag which contained my 400D with kit lens, battery charger, CF cards, lens pen, Holga 120N with Ilford Delta 400 and Fuji Velvia 200 slides, and one laptop.

After settling customs and security, waited to board the plane. This is my boarding pass: AirFrance 257, Depture time 11:15pm.

The airplane that we took was Boeing 777-300. Quite big plane which has the seating capacity of around 350 passengers. It was my first time taking such a big airplane. I got the aisle seat but one passenger near the window wanted that seat, so we exchanged seats. Therefore, finally, I got the window seat. One good thing about the window seat is that I can view outside and can take photos. After delaying about 30mins, the plane finally departed from Changi Airport. As I was in Tempo (economy class), the seat was quite tight although got some good leg-room. It has in-flight entertainment system which offers movies, music, games and information. I tried to watch a movie but could not hear the dialogue well due to the noise from the engine. So, just swiched to Real-time flight information system which displays current position of airplane, and other parameters such as temperature, altitude, time, etc.

About one hr later, meal was served. I chose Sweet and sour char siu chicken with sauteed noodles and Chinese-style vegetables. When I looked outside the window, saw some lights and dark surrounding, quite hard to take photo since there were reflections in the window mirror. After eating, relaxed and fall asleep. The whole journey on the plane I was mostly sleeping, sometimes awoken for a short while and fall back asleep.

Beautiful Sun Rise over the Black Sea. Before taking this shot, I was falling asleep, and once I woke up, when I opened the window and saw it and then quickly take out my camera and shoot it.

Sunrise over Black Sea

After 12 hrs of non-stop overnight flight, the pilot announced that we would be landing in Charles de Gauelle Airport in 1hr time. Then, break fast was serverd. It was kind of European breakfast which contained bread, butter, strawberry jam, slices of ham, and orange juice. Not used to that kind of food.

Touched down at the airport at around 6:45 am. Looked for the officials wearing Imagine Cup T-shirts and saw them wearing green color t-shirts with the word Imagine Cup on them. The following is the group photo taken at the airport.

Photo credits: Team Solar Lunatics

When we walked outside of the airport, the cold weather greeted us. The air, the atmosphere was cool, and I guessed it would be about 18 degree Celsius. Waiting the bus to bring us to the hotel. After getting the bus, I choose the seat near to the window to shoot photos and started shooting photos of airport and its surroundings. The followings are some of the photos.

Charles de Gaulle Airport

Road to Disney land

No right turn, no left turn


Narrow Road

First sight of Eiffel Tower

Day 1: Opening Ceremony
Caught up in traffic jam for some time. Finally, reached the hotel at around 9:30. Our hotel is Hotel Novotel Tour Eiffel near to Eiffel Tower.


Went to level 3 for registration, collection of Imagine Cup t-shirts and tried to get the schedule of the day. We were informed that we can only check-in to our rooms at 3pm. So, went to the luggage room to put our things. Then, also contacted with Mr. David Lim, Microsoft Asia Pacific ADE. Grabbed some light food (a kind of pizza) and drinks from pantry area.

At Registration area

After that, met up with Team Solar Lunatics from Singapore Poly photography category finalists to walk and explore the surroundings of the hotel. Our hotel is situated on the same road to the Eiffel Tower. So, we walked to the Eiffel Tower. On the pavement, there are many flowering plants. First thing that caught my eyes was Velib, France's public bicycle rental system, which was lauched on July 15 2007. From further readings, I got to know that duration of first 30 mins in rental is free and only will be charged after that first 30 mins. There are more then 700 hire points in which public can rent a bike or return their rental bike. There is also one machine system to control. Since it is written in French, I did not know the exact way to rent. But it is a very good thing to promote cycling as a form of transport which is cheaper and greener.


Moreover, there are cycling paths at the right hand side of the roads and sometimes near the pavements which provide safey of cyclists. I like all these ways to support cycling as I also like cycling and used to cycle a lot when I was in my howntown, Insein, Yangon, in Myanmar.

The eiffel tower, really high and big. Went under and around it and amazed by the long lines of queues of people waiting to go up to the tower. Snap many photos of the tower. In France, the area around Eiffel is called Tour Eiffel.

Public Toilet

Summer leaves

Eiffel Tower

Tour Eiffel in noir et blanc

Fly away

At noon, went back to hotel for lunch. First time having a European style lunch. Bread and butter are essential items in lunch tables. At 3pm, went to reception to get the key to our hotel room. Team Mamagaia and Mr Oh got the rooms at level 15. Me and Ryan got one room, Yang Lin and Alica, one and Mr. Oh, one room. The view from our room is not very interesting and we could not see the Eiffel Tower or Seine River as our room facing opposite directions from both of them.

View from hotel room

At around 5pm in the evening, went to level 3 to go to opening ceremony at Paris City Hall. The waiting to get the lifte was so long, waited about 10-15mins to get the lift! Then waiting for our turn to board the bus. They grouped the teams according to ascending orders of country name. So we got bus number 7, together with teams from Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Sri Lanka, etc.

Team Singapore comprising Team Mamagaia (Software Design), Team Trail Blazers (Embedded Development) and Team Solar Lunatics (Photography), Photo credits: Team Solar Lunatics

The sights of Paris from the bus were amazing. It got big buildings, many statues and sculptures and monuments.

After we alight from the bus, it was very very windy, looked like going to rain. As they instructed us not to bring bags, I never brought my DSLR. So, this time, I depended my Nokia Music Xpress phone's 3.2 mega pixcel camera to shoot.

The city hall was very grand. The reception was also very good. The MC announced one country after another and we walked up the stairs at the end of which there were many media waiting shooting video and photos. The main hall where the opening ceremony was held is also very spacious and it had many paintings and ceiling lights.

Paris City Hall, a truly magnificent building with a lot of history behind it.

The City Hall, also known as the Hotel de Ville, has been located along the Seine River for more than three centuries. The original Hotel de Ville was established by river merchants who used to meet at the Merchants Trade Guild House, which later became the town council. In the 16th century the building was expanded to accommodate the growing needs of the Parisian people. It was renovated and expanded again in the early 19th century. The first “Hôtel de Ville” came to a tragic end when it burned down at the end of the second empire during the Paris Commune. When the Commune fell, the city held a design competition for a new building, and the architects who won created an identical design to the original. The current Hôtel de Ville was built in 1882. {from official Imagine Cup Live Space at http://imaginecupfinalsinparis.spaces.live.com}

The Deputy Mayor of Paris welcomed everyone to Paris by observing that “like the Imagine Cup, Paris is creative, imaginative, and a little bit crazy”

Dinner was served after the opening ceremony. The food was very little. Not used to that kind. But, I found many small tomatoes and ate them. I tried many types of food provided. Then I saw a part of Notre Dame church through the window and I took photo of it. In Paris, the daytime is very long, even at 10pm the sun haven't set yet.

Soon after we reached back to our hotel rooms, we fell asleep due to tireness.